Frequently asked questions

Can you send a photo of your face?

No. I am a private person.

Are you English?

No, but my English is pretty good. I have lived in the UK for over a decade.

Do you do 30 minutes?

No. The minimum is 1 hour.

Can you visit me in a hotel?

Yes, I can. The minimum is 2 hours + travel expenses. Only to 5 star hotels in Zone 1.

Can you visit me in my home?

No, I don’t do home visits.

Can I pay by credit card or cheque?

No, not accepting credit cards, or cheque. You can however make a cash deposit to my bank account prior to our meeting. Inquire about details in email.

Do you see couples?

Yes, I do.

Do you do double dom sessions?

Yes, I do. Choose your favourite dom and we’ll organize the double.

What is your favourite fetish activity?

I have no favourite. I like all that I offer on my Fetish page.

Are you a smoker?

Yes, I am.

Do you do smoking domination?

No, my place is a non-smoking area.

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